Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Second Steering Group meeting

At this meeting we were able to consider overall planning of the research, how it should be approached. We approved an overall timetable that begins with the formal appointment of team from 1st July, to spend two months preparing, then three months intensive fieldwork, including mailed surveys and select in-depth interviews. The use of case studies on religious communities in their relationships with local government was considered to be worthwhile, and members were invited to submit possible themes or stories for working on.

We also looked again at possibilities of appointing additional members, since our first attempt at bringing in people with direct personal experience of other faith community life in Cardiff was unfruitful. Roy proposed inviting two people he knew. Dr Keshav Singhal is a surgeon and a leading member of Cardiff's Hindu Temple. Mr Muhammad Jabbar is a Customs Officer, of Bengali descent, raised in the UK, who belongs to the Crwys Bridge Mosque.

Our next meeting is with the research workers.

Meeting minutes here

Friday, 1 June 2007

FCCB fund holders get-together

Meeting at Cardiff Bay's Norwegian Church of current FCCBF funding recipients, convened by Anna Allan a member of the headquarters funding team. John Martin Evans was there, plus three others.

This proved to be a useful exchange, reassuring about the level of detail required by their administration in our reporting.