Monday, 28 January 2008

Steering group seventh meeting

The Steering Group met tonight, and received an update on questionnaire harvesting. The deadline has had to be extended until 14th February, as little has been achieved since early December apart from chasing up some of the non respondents. Receipts remain around the 35% mark, and around 10% were returned, 'address unknown'. The report from the 'Ask Cardiff' survey is expected mid February as well.

Publication of findings and an interpretative report is re-scheduled for 31st March, with review of a first draft around 28th February. Prof Ballard has been asked to contribute an introduction to the report, to place the whole thing in the broader perspective of churhc, local government relations in Cardiff over decades.

This means that the date of the conference for presenting findings cannot now take place in early April, as it will take time to publicise. The Local Council Election take place in early May, and campaigning for this event will inhibit our ability to raise a conference audience, so a date in early June is being sought instead, with County Hall as a possible meeting venue.

It was announced that the Gweini social audi report 'Counting for our Communities' is to be launched publicly on 11th March. The Steering Group will be represented at this occasion.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Reporting to donors

The required third quarter project report to FCCBF grants administrator was completed and sent off today, ahead of schedule, due to the Director going on leave.