Monday, 9 July 2007

Researchers meet Steering Group

Members of the Steering Group, with the addition of two people newly invited members, Dr Keshav Singhal and Mr Muhammad Jabbar met Bob Smith and 'Becca Edwards at the University to receive a presentation on the project methodology, and discuss the action plan proposed.

Prof. Ballard spoke about his paper 'Social Capital' which he'd handed out at the last meeting, and introduced the idea that there is a wide range of contributions made to the common good of society by volunteers of church communities which aren't monetarised, make a significant difference to the overall economy, and yet are taken for granted or under-valued. Promoting this concept may become an important part of the argument arising from our research, as well as the research being done by Gweini.

The need to plan our engagement with the media in publicising the project while it goes along, in order to invite attention from parties with something to say, was flagged up.

Several interesting case studies emerged in the course of the conversation. All present were invited to the next meeting of the Cardiff Inter-Faith Forum on 25th July.

Meeting minutes here

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Project milestone

Ever so quietly, without any big announcements or fanfares, our research workers officially start on this project tomorrow. No sign of a contract yet, but that's par for the course, since they don't write their own, it's written for them by that lumbering machine called university administation.

For much of the past three months I was far from certain we would get this far, to the start date for research work planned in the project application. Once Roy stepped in and applied his expertise and creativity to the vision, things started to fall easily into place.

It's fortunate he shares the passion for the issues involved, and has the ability and resources to drive things forward.