Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Steering Group eighth meeting

The meeting planned for the 4th March was postponed until today, because of the unavailability of the survey data report from the University, promised for 29th February in good time for the planned steering group meeting.

Today's meeting received appraisals of the data received late 4th March, and the first draft of supporting material from the project manager within which the research data will be embedded.
An action plan for the production of the final report by mid-April was agreed.

The project manager reported that two public relations companies had been approached about publishing the final research report - and in addition to undertake the preparation and running of the conference at which the report will be delivered - now proposed for the end of May 2008. These are Peter Gill & Associates of Cardiff, and The Pollen Shop, of Swansea.

This is now being planned to run two months behind the initial schedule for this event, due to the delay in receiving the research data to work on. However, this appears to work in our favour, since local elections are called for early May. In the run-up to elections, it would not be reasonable to expect adequate attention to discussing our findings from candidates or local government officers.

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