Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tenth Steering Group meeting

The draft of the report, commentary and selection case studies to accompany the University and 'Ask Cardiff' research reports is now complete, following further work to re-organise some of the content, proposed by Professor Ballard. It was received by the Steering Group for a period of detailed corrections and amendments.

Work on the accompanying database is half complete, and its final format for web publication is under discussion with Gwilym Morris of Pollenshop.

Copies of the draft report will now be circulated to a list of a dozen people for evaluation, and hopefully for endorsing comments for use in the publication process. Archbishop Barry Morgan has agreed to be its first reader person outside the project, also Paul Orders of the City Council's Policy Unit.

The Steering Group has agreed to the publication of up to fifty copies of the full report, and a print run of at least two hundred and fifty copies of an eight page digest of the report and its recommendations. If it is possible to find funding for a Welsh translation of the digest, this will be produced bi-lingually. However, the project costings at the outset failed to factor in the need for translation, which could be of the order of £1,000.

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